Maison Passage - Parisian Brand - Printed scarves, Printed kimonos and much more

Dive into the world of Parisian Brand Maison Passage. Quintessentially french, Maison Passage was born in the heart of Paris and offers a selection of high quality shawls, sashes, printed scarves, printed dresses, printed tops and printed kimonos using fine materials such as cashmere, merino, modal, wool, silk and cotton.

Craftsmanship and Creativity

Maison Passage portrays the marriage between exceptional craftsmanship and authentic creativity. Inspired by artworks, as well as souvenirs of travels from around the world, the collections represent a stamp in time of these special moments that forever stay with you.

Local Artisans and Savoir-Faire

Each piece is carefully crafted in the plains of the Himalayas through the savoir-faire of local artisans with years of expertise as part of their heritage. Maison Passage puts forward a vast array of product and a variety of colour palettes all stemming from natural pigments.